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Join a PTO Committee TODAY!

    This past school year, we lost many great volunteers as their children moved on to high school leaving us with many committee vacancies.  What you may not realize is that our organization is made up of many different committees each serving its own role and purpose.  Each committee is made up of PTO volunteers.  Without volunteers willing to serve on these committees, many of the activities and events that your children enjoy would not be possible.  In addition, there are some events and activities that the GB PTO would like to add, but we cannot do so without having people willing to be part of the planning and organizing.  Below is a list of the different committees that make up the Green Brook PTO.  We invite you to take a look, and hope you will consider joining a committee that might interest you.  While we do need chairpersons, we need a number of volunteers participating at various degrees in each committee.  So don’t be frightened to get involved in whatever capacity you are able.  As always, thank you so much to those who are already a part of one or more committees.  We are truly grateful to our wonderfully committed volunteers.  

Highlighted text indicates need of chairperson for that committee. 

We need help with all committees in many different capacities,

so if something interests you please




Committees 2016-17

Bag Bingo—Karina Stephens & Lidia Slattery

Bengal Tailgates & Bashes (GBMS) – Lori Wighard

Bookfairs (IEF)—Eimy Gonzalez

Bookfairs (GBMS)—Melissa Noble

Trunk-or-Treat – Dori Horvath

Cherrydale Fundraiser – Tina Vaz & Jeanette Bennett

Citizens of Month (IEF)- PTO Exec Board

KidStuff Coupon Books

Cultural Arts (IEF) --

Cultural Arts (GBMS) --

Family Fun Night— Sue Ptack & Nora Hionis

Holiday Boutique (IEF)—Michelle Cruz and Michelle Santos

Membership Drive & Directory—Exec Board

Scholarship - Exec Board & members

Sunshine & Hospitality Committee (IEF) -- Tina Vaz

Sunshine Committee (GBMS) -

Teacher Appreciation (IEF) -- Michelle Cruz & Michelle Santos

Teacher Appreciation (GBMS) —Gina Strong & 

4th Grade Moving Over -- tbd

8th Grade Dance -- tbd

8th Grade Graduation Reception (7th grade parent)-- tbd